Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Never Get Angry - Teaching of Islam, Quran & Sunnah (inspired by Nouman Ali Khan)

"we have to deal with people peacefully"

Your wife will say lot of things that make you angry, and when you hear that you must not think or say that she is "Jahil جاہل" but you do say "Salaam سلام" and just be quiet... don't talk back... 

Likewise, your husband will say things that will boil your blood and Oh my God, you will get angry and you believe that Almighty Allah have given you special power or we can say Almighty Allah have given all girls, our wife, sisters, mothers super power to answer in a way that will like stab you in the heart, yes they have the most amazing answers!!! but you girls & women when your husband is out of control and he is becoming too emotional or too angry... just keep your selves calm, remember "Salaam سلام" and change the subject.

This "Salaam سلام" does not mean that someone is fighting with you and you start to response as " سلام سلام سلام سلام", not like that :) that's not what that means.

In grammar, "Salaam سلام" is "Speak Calmly", just don't say the word "Salaam سلام" instead speak calmly, speak peacefully, speak in a way that dis harms :) that doesn't make you angry. 

Thus, "we have to deal with people peacefully", you need to calm down when you deal with people. The thing is we deal with all kind of peoples, some of us are stuck with the Boss, who is always angry, he is angry every time, whole time but we must learn to deal with him peacefully. Some of us have employees, some of us are teachers whose students can make them angry but we have to calm down, we can't get angry in the class room.

As رسول الله (Sallalaho Alaihi Wassallam) was sent as a Teacher and he never got angry.

Moreover, don't get worked up if people say to you harshly, it's OK don't worry. Because we don't know why people speak to you in that way, there may be some other things going on in their lives and when they come to you they let their anger out on you. We have to kind of Merciful and Courteous to the people.

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